21 Benefits of Online Marketing in Nigeria

 In Nigeria, online marketing is unarguably one of the most effective, practical, and widely digital marketing strategy that enables your brand to reach more customers. It helps you to attract, effectively engage, and deliver great service to everyone that visits your sites. It’s no surprise that this is the new currency of digital marketing in commercial hubs like Lagos. So, let’s take a look at the different benefits of online marketing.

  1. Reduced Cost

You can run online marketing at only the fraction of the cost of Yellow Pages, which can run into thousands of dollars. With just a few dollars, you can get a listing on Google Local, which is just as effective as an expensive Yellow page.

  1. You can measure the impact of your online marketing

With traffic analytic tools like Google analytics you can easily track the leads and conversion rates of your online marketing strategies. It also enables you to calculate your returns on investment so you can calculate the value generated from your campaigns.

  1. Enables demographic marketing

Today, online advertising platforms enables brands to target a specific  customer demographic that’s most likely to purchase your goods and services. This is way better than conventional advertising methods, as you are sure that your products will reach the target audience.

  1. It gives real time results

It’s really difficult to see the real time results of traditional advertising methods. However, with online marketing, you don’t have for months before you see a significant boost in your sales. Online marketing guarantees almost immediate real time results that helps you to fine-tune your marketing strategy.

  1. Creates long time exposure

You get to achieve long term returns on your investment when your website is optimized for specific keywords. So, once the visibility of your website is well placed in a search engine, it is simple to carry out low maintenance.

  1. Provides more product information

Today’s online customers are not satisfied with only a product review. They will want to compare product reviews, before they can make a decision. With online marketing, you can provide more detailed product information in order to pique the interest of your customers.

  1. Less intrusive

Online marketing is less intrusive than traditional marketing methods such as TV adverts and print adverts. Most people don’t like the frequent interruption of their favorite programs by these adverts. Online marketing helps you to precisely reach your target customers.

  1. Captivates Attention

People are less likely to scan over online marketing adverts. These adverts sticks to the Web pages, and follows the movement of the users. Furthermore they are captivating and flashy, when compared to print media adverts.

  1. It is convenient

Online marketing enables you to run your company for 24 hours non-stop, without paying overtime to your workers. People browsing at odd times of the day, can come across your ads and sign up for it. It also enables clients to browse your online stores, and order products at their convenience.

  1. Creates better customer relationship

With a online marketing strategy, brands can increase their customer numbers. Furthermore, online marketing also helps to build long-lasting customer relationship. Most brands draw in customers by sending a thank-you note after purchasing their goods or services.

  1. Enables Multi-tasking

One of the less conspicuous benefits of online marketing, lies in the fact that it gives you the ability to deal with large number of customers at once. With an efficient online marketing structure in place, your business can operate autonomously without any customer dissatisfaction.

  1. It can be shared with various platforms

Online marketing through blog posts, can be shared across various platforms. This flexibility ensures that your products and services are viewed by your target audience. Furthermore, it increases your visibility, as target audience are more likely to share the post with friends.

  1. Works for any type of business

You are probably thinking that online marketing is not for my business. Well, don’t. From the traders in yaba market to the major corporations in Nigeria, online marketing has the ability to connect you with the right audience.

  1. Saves time

A lot of planning and intricacies are involved in traditional marketing, and this leads to loss of valuable time. Online or Internet marketing, however, let’s you automate every aspect of your business.

  1. Increased Versatility

Versatility is a prized asset in online marketing, since you can tailor your requirements and adverts to suit your present condition. This is so much better than print adverts where you can’t make changes after sending them out.

  1. Generates more social media content

With quality online and social media marketing, your brand gathers more followers on social media. This increases your trust levels with customers, and it will consequently make your brand popular with your target audience.

  1. Increased Earnings

Besides increasing your sale volume, online marketing also helps your brand’s websites or blogs to generate money via Google adsense. Effective SEO strategy will generate more traffic for your sites, which in turn, will increase your adsense earnings.

  1. Extends Your Reach

This form of digital marketing extends your reach beyond your immediate location. With this, you can reach your target audience anywhere in the world. Online marketing ensures that your products and services gain the same level of recognition along with major brands.

  1. Enables Data collection

Online transactions helps to collect data from different buyers with different preferences. Your brand can use this data in various ways. It can be used to tailor or model your business after popular demand. It also allows you to send specific ads to customers.

  1. Instant Transaction

Your business can incorporate digital payment platforms into your online adverts. Customers can now pay instantly without any hitch that’s associated with traditional bank practices. This is made possible by payment platforms such as PayPal.

  1. Long lasting Effects

Traditional advert methods are limited to duration of your adverts payments. Online marketing, however, comes with no expiration date, as you can run your adverts campaigns over and over again, without any hitch.


Online marketing, by all accounts, is far better than previous traditional advert methods. Today, small businesses that can’t afford traditional adverts, can benefit from online marketing.

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