7 Effective Online Platforms to Market Your Business

Practically every business is focusing their marketing strategy on social media platforms. This is not a fad, as most analysis points to the fact that marketing on social media leads to more lead generation and larger ROIs. So, let’s take a look at the most effective social media platforms that can give you the best results.


Here’s a popular social media platform that can increase your reach. Instagram focuses mainly on picture and short videos sharing by users. By adding the right hashtags, you can increase your reach to those who are interested in that specific product or services. This platform boasts of an amazing 800 million users base – how amazing is that?. You can offer promotional packages as incentives to prospective clients in order to get their attention.


Here’s another picture-sharing platform that’s bound to double your marketing results in half the time. It involves sharing high quality HD images to pique the interest of prospective clients. By attaching your Url to the images, you can redirect millions of users to your Webpage. Pinterest is undoubtedly the tool for professional marketers, as it guarantees higher ROI, more lead generation and conversion.


This amazing 14 0-character microblogging platform is still very much effective. Twitter was one of ths first social marketing platform. It has spawned so many radical changes and revolutions that has contributed to the rise and fall of many business empires. Brands and companies can write tweets that can become viral through the aid of hashtags, which increases the exposure of tweets. Digital marketers also use this platform to gain large number of followers, in their uid to increase the effectiveness of their digital marketing strategies.


Launched in 2003 this platform aas grown to become the most popular hub for professional networking and job searches. What’s more? LinkedIn is also great for business to business marketing, and it’s a great social media platform for introducing your company to the corporate world. Lastly, you can pool skilled professionals from this platform besides sales pitches.


Acquired by Google, this audio-visual search engine platform offers amazing exposure for both big and small businesses. It’s content optimization services can boost your company’s brand and image online. In fact, YouTube remarketing initiatives and pre-rolls are effective means of increasing your brand’s reputation.


There are over 2 billion people on Facebook, with over 800 million users uploading comments, pictures and videos by the hour. Facebook is the largest social media platform, and it’s one of the best place to start your digital marketing campaign when you decide to grow your business online. It has various marketing features such as Facebook business page and Facebook feed, which increases your reach to the desired demographics.


This is especially useful if your Nigerian business serves a global audience. It’s undeniable that this is the best social media platform for businesses. This platform is driven by crowd-sourced reviews on local and online businesses. Customers can provide reviews for your business, and this will increase your ratings and also encourage prospective clients to try out your services or products.

Since credibility is the life-blood of a brand, it’s best to always encourage your customers to give great reviews on Yelp. Mind you, there are bound to be negative reviews but an overwhelming number of positive reviews can nullify it. Lastly, you can offer promotional packages as an incentive to customers that submit reviews.

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