7 Rules of Internet Marketing in 2020

It’s the utmost goal of any business or venture to grow and become successful. For different businesses, this might mean different things including converting more customers, getting more viewers, making more sales, getting referrals, expanding and more importantly, building a sustainable business that will work even in the business owner’s absence.

One of the best ways to achieve this is through internet marketing. It’s a popular fact that internet marketing is growing to become the live-wire of most successful businesses.

What is Internet Marketing?

Internet marketing is a dynamic method of communicating value and converting prospective customers through the use of digital or online advertisement such as the web or emails.

Also referred to as online marketing or digital marketing, Internet marketing (or IM) is a combination of tools using specific strategies that help to initiate, drive and increase sales of products or services or promote a business over the internet.

More than just a tool for businessmen, Internet marketing is a business in itself. This means that you can either do your own marketing for your products or request the services of professional Internet marketers to help with sales of your products or promotion of your business.

Professionals involved in the internet marketing business are usually referred to as Internet marketers. They are skilled at handling internet marketing tools and can use the various internet marketing strategies effectively to promote any business through electronic commerce.

Internet Marketing Business

Just as it is anywhere in the world, Internet marketing business covers several aspects including affiliate marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, Search Engine Marketing and even Pay per Click advertisement (PPC).

The most popular however includes social media marketing especially on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, content marketing and the Par per Click advertisement.

What are the 7 Rules of Internet Marketing?

It’s either you want to use internet marketing for your business or you own an internet marketing company that provides services to clients, there are certain rules that you must abide to for utmost effectiveness in the use of internet marketing.

These rules are more than just internet marketing tips or cheap strategies. They are basic rules that most successful online marketing companies apply for the best results in driving sales and promoting businesses over the internet.

  1. Seek to add value always

Although this may sound cliché, it is the first basic rule that any successful internet marketer should put into practice. Not only is this useful for internet marketers to be effective in their venture and achieve their goals, it is important to sustain the success.

Whatever you are offering to prospective customers, ensure that it is valuable either as a solution to a problem or as an improvement on a previous solution. It is this value that you present to customers up front before even requesting for their contacts for further information.

Usually, when you offer a customer something valuable, they get attracted and end up contacting you for more details instead of being chased after to buy from you or order your services.

Note! Whatever business you are into, whether you are selling an eBook, managing a website, offering an online course, selling physical good or offering services, always push your value forward. When prospective customers realize that you can help them solve a problem or make their lives easier through your product or service, they will literally always request for a way to obtain such valuable product themselves without you having to cajole them into buying.

  1. Embrace the process one day at a time

Rome wasn’t built in a day, this also applies to every successful internet marketing business. Attaining success as an internet marketer anywhere takes time and is a gradual process.

Some internet marketers may take a number of months to begin to see tangible results while some may take only a few weeks or days. Whichever the case is, building a successful internet business takes time and requires patience. You may have to try different strategies and learn from examples of others, even your own mistakes. You must learn to go easy on yourself and embrace your internet marketing journey.

Note!  Every internet marketer will have a different internet marketing experience and these will tend to contribute to your growth as you remain consistent and learn from mistakes.

  1. Turn your Words into Money

Just as words are very strong and important in any relationship, so do they matter in internet marketing. As an internet marketer, you might hardly see your prospective customers physically so your words are your representative.

You will be targeting customers who are just surfing the internet or scrolling through their stack of mails and you will need a well selected choice of words to make them stop and take a second look at what you are offering. Most successful internet marketers are aware of the power of a very catchy headline, graphic or email title.

Once you are able to get the attention of a prospective customer either through a lofty caption on social media, an attractive email tile or a graphic on the web, you must also be creative about your content, you must be able to convey your message in a few words without boring your prospects.

Note! As an internet marketer, your choice of words can make or mar your business.

  1. Keep Learning and Evolving

No one is born with an exclusive knowledge of internet marketing. You need to learn the internet marketing tools as well as strategies.

Take classes, attend seminars, read books on how to start online marketing if you are a beginner, learn about other’s internet marketing experience, develop yourself as much as you can and don’t stop.

In addition to these, ensure you up-to-date on trends in the online marketing platforms, get informed about these and use them to your advantage.

Note! Internet Marketing is constantly evolving and so should you.

  1. Be Mobile Device Conscious

Although this is not the first rule, it is just as important as the first. Every successful digital marketer must be conscious of mobile. The larger percentage of your prospects are more likely to be consuming the information you provide on their mobile devices.

Research shows that over 80 % of internet users use mobile devices to access the internet. This means that a majority of your prospective customers will be viewing your content over a mobile device so you want to make a good impression. You also want to create a good experience to ensure they stay, read and possibly come back.

You should always make sure that your content is optimised for mobile devices or have a dedicated mobile digital marketing strategy that is optimally user friendly.

Note! Although having mobile consciousness is important when creating content on the internet, you should also be aware/do some research on your consumer behaviour and offer the best experiences based on data acquired.

  1. Have a Repeatable process

While you are learning and relearning, make a habit of taking note of processes that give the best results and be sure to leverage on and make optimum use of such.

Most successful internet marketers try to create several processes or systems with a number of steps to promote businesses. When some of these work, they then convert them into reusable methods. For instance, if you found a content such as an audio that was able to drive a lot of potential customers to your business, you can reuse such by transcribing it, making a video out of it or even turning it into an eBook or prints.

Note! Note that not all processes end up having the same result. While some may be highly effective, others may not even work at all. So you must keep experimenting, developing and holding on to the best.

  1. Be Emotionally Intelligent

Finally, here is a rule of internet marketing that is usually undermined. In the most successful internet marketing examples, emotions are a very important tool especially in the process of content creation and pricing principles.

Making use of emotions involves the ability to create a story around your product and the value you put forward. Internet marketers who can create stories that prospective customers can relate to often get better result than the ones with bland ‘unrelatable’ content.

Take time to study your prospects, see what matters to them, issues that can stimulate their emotions, look at value from their perception, observe and listen to your prospects and then produce a story that can spike some emotional connection.

Note! Emotional intelligence factors in your content, the way you use your words, your ability to study your prospects and some creativity. As usual, ensure that whatever processes you create are reusable.

The emotional intelligence rule brings us to the end of the basic rules for internet marketing. These are pretty much what any internet marketer willing to scale up the ladder should diligently follow and practice. Remember that building a successful internet marketing business takes time and the individual processes work best when you interlink them to create a strategy that best works for you.

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