12 Things You Need to Know About Digital Marketing

Digital market has definitely come to stay. Long gone are the days when brands had to rely on print media to reach their target audience especially because print media is recording a drastic reduction in number of readers. With the advent of the Internet and other digital platforms like TVs and radios, digital marketing has become the new currency for advertising. Simply put, digital marketing is a way of showcasing your brand or business to a larger audience through digital media.

Digital marketing has widened the playing field for both marketers and industries such as eCommerce, Fashion, Beauty, Law, and Gaming and Lottery. Despite all this, I would say that most people know little about digital marketing. For example, they think digital marketing is limited to using only the Internet. Well, this article is to dispel that notion, and familiarize you with the know-hows of digital marketing. So, let’s take a look at what you need to know about digital marketing.

  1. It’s all about SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the most important part of digital marketing. Yes, it’s an important online marketing strategy that determines where your website will be placed during a search query on Google or other search engines. SEO involves link building, back linking, and various forms of strategies to reach the target audience. In fact, SEO occupies a distinct niche in digital marketing.

  1. Influencer Marketing Plays An Important Role

There’s a reason traditional marketing firms and digital marketers pay huge amounts of naira to popular celebrities to feature them in an advert. In digital marketing, this principle is also applied in the form of influencer marketers. Influencer marketing revolves around enlisting people with huge followers on their social media accounts. This increases the awareness of the products being advertised, since people trust the opinions of these influencer marketers.

  1. It is Cost Effective

Imagine the cost of putting up an advert in a print media. Trust me, it’s enough to make most small businesses go bankrupt. Sometimes, the amount of securing a half or quarter page in one of the country’s dailies, can range from hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, with digital marketing, you get a wider coverage at lesser costs. Since the average person spends more time on the Internet than reading print media, your adverts has more chance of meeting the target audience.

  1. Defining Niche Market

Just imagine walking into a typical marketplace in Lagos. I’m sure you will be distracted by the noise, as the traders are all trying to get your attention. This is similar to an online space; various businesses are trying to have their products seen and patronized. The best digital marketing strategy in this scenario, is to choose a specific niche for your business and offer unique value.

  1. Mobile Friendly Market

Billions of people have access to the Internet. In fact, more people have smartphones than ever before. This makes the online community ripe for digital marketing returns. Online marketers can now reach more customers than ever. In fact, eCommerce sites like Amazon recorded massive orders and recommendations from mobile users than desktop users.

  1. Builds Your Brand Reputation

The power of digital marketing lies in the ability to reach your target audience. The target audience are more prepared to read about what your company has to offer. Online marketing has more potential to convert your target audience into paying customers. Mind you, people have always thrived on recommending online businesses that offer great services to friends and of course, they’d most likely ask their friend to steer clear if your product or services is poor. It’s no surprise that serious companies work hard at building great brand reputation through online marketing.

  1. Enables 24-hour Exposure

Digital marketing in is not limited. The average business closes by 10 PM at most, and this makes it inconvenient to customers that want to enquire or procure your services after your closing hour. However with digital marketing or specifically with online marketing, your business will be open for 24 hours, without worrying about your closing time and overtime payment of staffs. It’s probably no surprise that business owners are taking advantage of this benefits.

  1. Email Marketing is An Integral Factor

Besides Search engine optimization, email marketing is also an important tool for both digital marketers and businesses. Due to the proliferation of smartphones, people can now access their emails on the spot. Mind you, email marketing is cheaper than most digital marketing strategies and has a lower cost per acquisition (CPA).

  1. Analytics is a Huge Factor

Today, Web owners and businesses require in-depth analysis of all the activities going on in their websites or blogs. A good knowledge of google analytics has a profound effect on digital marketing, since it helps you to know the number of people viewing your websites, and the amount of time that the spend on a Web page. It most importantly, gives you great insight into the demographics of your audiences.

  1. Enables Strong Relationship With Target Audience

Digital marketing revolves around building personalized relationship with customers. It includes using google analytics to create personalized emails that meet the specific needs of your clients. Consequently, this builds trust between you and your clients. Especially in the typical community, where trust is a highly valued asset that can make or mar your brand reputation.

  1. Interactive Video Content.

If you think the average person is not interested in live video contents, then think again. Online marketing has incorporated interactive video contents into their strategy, in order to reach their target group. With billions of internet users in around the world, 65% watch online videos, 92% share those videos with others and about 50% look for video related to products before buying.

  1. Increased Interest In Learning

The digital marketing industry is on a fast track. People are showing more interest in digital marketing and its potential benefits. Today, you can find more digital marketing companies in Lagos than ever before, as more people are learning the immerse benefits of going digital.

The success of digital marketing in the world is at an all-time high, as large corporations and small businesses are realizing the potentials of digital marketing. The best thing about digital marketing is that it has created a leveled playing ground for both small and big businesses.

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