30 Free Tools For Growing Your Business Online

If you have decided to kick start your online marketing for your business, and rightly so, it’s time to consider some of the free tools that will aid you in growing your business online. These tools are not only free, but also very effective in helping meet your target.


This is platform guarantees greater exposure for your brand especially in the United States. In fact, it’s the platform to go to, if you want to see what your customers are saying about your brand. You can create your business profile and update information relating to your business.

Yellow Pages

Here’s another platform that will help you reach your target audience. Mind you, it’s so much different from the bulky yellowpages books that you were once familiar with. In addition, this platform helps you to reply to reviews about your products.

Google Analytics

If you want to know how successful your marketing strategies are, then this is the best platform for you. It helps you to access where you are getting the most leads in your digital marketing campaigns. Mind you it also give you insight about your Web traffic.


If you are not satisfied with the ratings you’ve gotten from Google Analytics, then you need to try this platform. Unbounce provides 30-day free trails for designing landing pages that will increase your traffic conversions.


You can create free blogs on this platform that will give your business the needed exposure to grow. This widely popular blog hosting platform comes with various add-ons that will make your digital marketing strategies effective.


For businesses that require heavy blog presence, then it’s time to try this WordPress add-on. It provides a single platform that helps in content management by integrating writing, editing, and social media sharing.


Searching for information that will help in building your business idea can lead to a lot of misinformation. Therefore, this platform serves as common ground for getting business tips, and how-to of financing your business, and many more nuggets.


This non-profit business organization has been providing mentorship and education that will help small business to  achieve their aims and get off the ground. In addition, it provides free mentorship to businesses.


Writing a business plan can be hectic. This platform provides you with the tools that will aid you in writing a good business plan. You can get sample business plans about different industries from this platform.


Here’s another platform to help you develop your business plan. Enloop helps you to easily create a professional business plan with a 3-year financial forecasting. Mind you, the first trial is free.


You have a great business idea, but you lack the funds to kickstart it, then here’s the right tool for you. Angelist provides you with angel investors that will he purchase you with the necessary funds.


This platform is those who prefer business loans to getting angel investors that will sponsor their business ideas. Therefore Fundera is the platform that will connect you with the most suitable business loans.


StreetShares are those that need business loans but are limited by their unattractive credit scores. It links you with peer-to-peer lenders that will help to make your business ideas great.


Sometimes, employing professional graphic designers for your blog platform, can be quite expensive. Canvas helps you to create free and simple pre-formatted templates for your blog posts or banner.


Here’s another graphic design platform that saves you the cost of employing a graphic designer. You can make beautiful blog posts with this platform, without any difficulty.


Infographics are a great way to disseminate information without confusing your audience. This platform consist of user friendly tools that will enable you to produce beautiful and precise Infographics.


This is one of the most popular email communication platform out there. It provides a user friendly interface, and different functions for either personal or business email accounts.

OtherInbox’s Organizer

Most people are bombarded by many emails everyday. This tool helps you to sieve through the hundreds of promotional emails and work emails, and arrange them in order of importance. This will prevent you from missing out on important and urgent emails buried under irrelevant ones.


Here’s an extraordinary tool for reaching out to hundreds of subscribers at no cost at all. This platform provides easy personalization, advanced analytics, and beautiful templates.


This tool helps you to unsubscribe from the hundreds of random junk emails that clutters your inbox. In fact, this is one of the best tools in removing clutters of junk mails.


Skype is undoubtedly one of the best and most effective video conferencing platform. It’s an invaluable tool that helps to create face to face connection with clients and employments in far-away locations.


Here’s a tool that integrates social media platforms with text messages, and other chat media on one platform, in order to aid communication between team members or employees in a business.


Finally, here’s a tool that provides all the benefits of an office environment without the overhead space. All you need to do us log into the virtual office environment provided by this tool, and you can carry out basic office functions.


This is an invaluable tool that eases the process of online payment. It has no sign up cost and you can integrate it with your bank account. It also offers easy debit and credit card transactions.


Tracking down hourly employees, can be difficult for most large businesses. TSheets is a GPS-monitoring app that enables employees to track the time spent on their phones, and send the results to you without stress.


Tracking your employees time is not enough. You also need to settle the matter of getting everyone paid. This tool allows employees to update their working hours, and enables you to run payroll for your employees.


It’s really important to keep track of thoughts, plans, and schedule. This tool helps you create your own notes, clip contents from the Internet, and share them with your colleagues. In addition, it integrates perfectly with all your devices.

Google Drive

Cloud storage increases mobility and ease of operating by allowing you to share documents with your colleagues or clients anywhere in the world. All you have to do is share the password with other party you wish to share the content with.


You can save yourself the cost if scheduling or planning for a meeting or dinner with this tool. Doodle helps you to create polls with the absolve dates for a prospective meeting, and you can decide once everyone casts their votes.


Small business owners face the difficult of editing and managing their different social media accounts on mobile. Instasize allows you to edit and format pictures for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook with ease.

There you have it!

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