15 Reasons Businesses Should Invest in eMarketing in 2020

We’re in an era that comes with lots of possibilities and promises for many industries, especially with regards to marketing. For centuries, print media was the sole choice for marketing companies, as it increased their reach across certain geographical areas. Then, came the era of digital marketing, which involved the use of radios and TVs in order to reach the target audience. These adverts became so incessant that it limited the desired effects of adverts by brands and corporations.

Today, many corporations and brands are recording massive success with online marketing. Well, the success of online marketing is due to the Internet, and it’s massive user base. Online marketing has given businesses the ability to draw customers to their doorstep.

Still not convinced? Let’s take a look at some reasons why you need to invest in e-marketing.

  1. It’s where your customers are. Radio and TV marketing don’t have as much impact as they once did. People will rather spend their time online rather than sit down to read print media or watch TV. 87.7 percent of adults are always online. So, you are always assured that your content will reach your target audience
  2. Your Competitors are also doing it. Here’s one way to have an edge over your competitors, or rather, to be able to compete with them efficiently. This is where all the fun and action is. Going online gives you the same set of advantages as your competitors – this is so much better than print adverts where you have to pull some strings or have a large budget.
  3. It is cost effective. Companies that participate in e-marketing have lower costs per lead of about 60 percent when compared to other forms of marketing. When you compare the ROI of other forms of adverts, you will discover out that e-marketing beats other forms of marketing. Furthermore, with little funds, you can still reach your demographics. With Facebook Marketing for instance, you can reach hundreds of people for as little as $10.
  4. Wider Audience Reach. Effective marketing strategy is reaching out to your audience wherever they are, and statistics shows that majority of your audience and prospective clients are online. Traditional forms of marketing allows promises a particular number of viewership, but with online marketing, you are guaranteed of millions of viewers.
  5. It brings in more warm customer leads. Uncertainties are common in traditional forms of marketing – you are not sure of the leads you are going to get. In fact, majority of the leads you get, may turn out cold. However, with e-marketing, you are guaranteed of getting warm leads ( audiences that will purchase your services or goods).
  6. No more cold calling. Traditional forms of marketing often included about 4 or more attempts to reach new prospects. This led to a waste of manpower, as there were new sales targets. Well, this is not the case with e-marketing, as most brands are finding it easy to connect with their prospects.
  7. Access to large data resources. Online marketing helps you to gather data on prospects and buyers. It helps your brand to know how to tailor its good and services to suit the buying pattern. Furthermore, recording and mining your customers data, will help you build better business strategies.
  8. Increases your presence through search engine optimization (SEO). The whole principle of e-marketing is to encourage your customers to come looking for you. You need to optimize your website for search engine, since 97% of online users turn to search engines before making purchases.
  9. Builds your credibility. Visibility aids the credibility of your product, and online marketing is the perfect medium through which you can achieve that and build your credibility. It gives you the opportunity to become an authority in a niche by gathering large followers on social media and writing ebooks.
  10. It is measurable. Measuring ROI is one of the biggest issues that marketers have had to deal with in traditional marketing. For instance, it’s extremely difficult to know how successful a billboard is. However, with e-marketing, you can easily calculate the impact of your marketing strategy.
  11. It levels the playing field. Traditional adverts gave unfair advantage to large corporations, who were able to pay for adverts. Small businesses had to rely on word of mouth and handing out fliers. Online marketing levels the playing field, and gives everyone equal advantage in terms of reaching target audiences.
  12. Increased brand loyalty. Recent studies show that brands that engaged and interacted with their audiences on social media, enjoyed high loyalty from their customers. As mentioned earlier, online marketing helps to give every business a fighting chance, irrespective of their business size. In addition you can build strong customers relations by engaging with your customers. Mind you, this will also give you an edge over the competition.
  13. Increased Scalability. During the time of traditional marketing, companies considered marketing as a luxury option, since the huge costs involved in setting up a billboard or TV campaigns is usually off the charts. Digital marketing offers increased scalability through online marketing. Today, companies don’t scale their marketing expenditures as they want to, without paying any upfront fees.
  14. Increases Revenue. It’s undeniable that online marketing is the one of the main ways to boost your company’s revenue. In fact, with effective online marketing strategies, you brand can record massive returns of up to 200%! This is so much better than traditional marketing methods, which you have to fork out huge amounts of cash for.
  15. Helps you to focus your efforts on other aspects. Your e-marketing campaigns can run for long periods, with only a few tweaks done once in a while, to meet up with the ever changing market conditions. This allows you to focus the bulk of your energy on other aspects of your business.

There are over a thousand reasons why you need to invest in e-marketing. From increased revenues to outstanding online presence, this aspect of digital marketing holds a lot of promise to both large corporations and small businesses. So, take the steps and invest in this promising digital marketing aspect. Explore our range of affordable digital marketing services to get started.

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