Top 10 Best Marketing Agencies in Nigeria

Home to over 200 million people, Nigeria features one of the most diverse environments in the world. It’s a nation filled with beautiful landscapes, great scenery, and an amazing cultural diversity. It’s no surprise that this great Nation is the home of diverse businesses and technological hubs. Yes, it features the largest market for technologies and businesses in the whole of Africa.

This makes Nigeria the prime market for technological disruptions of the 21st century, from a boom in eCommerce industries like Konga and Jumia to amazing digital marketing agencies with unbeatable efficiency in delivery. Truly this nation has lot to offer both small business owners and large corporations.

Often times, selecting a digital marketing agency can get quite confusing and tedious for the average Nigerian or brand. This is because getting the right digital marketing agency to handle your brand determines how much exposure it would have. To help you make better choices, let’s take a look at the top 10 marketing agencies in Nigeria.

  1. Wild Fusion

This is undeniably the creme de la creme of digital agencies. Yes even we at Penning Solutions acknowledge that! It was one of the first players to get into the digital marketing industry. In fact, this agency is the first certified partner of Google Adwords in Nigeria. They offer a wide range of portfolios from content production to brand strategy to media services. Additional portfolios includes PPC Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing Strategy, Internet Marketing Mobile, and SEO Marketing. Over the years, Wild Fusion has provided digital marketing services to some major brands. They have created successful digital campaigns for companies like Knorr, Unilever, and Diamond Bank.

  1. Street Toolz

If you are searching for a digital marketing agency that connects with the grassroots, then look no further. Although established in 2011, this company has made considerable strides in connecting with the average African instincts. By weaving intricate bands of storytelling into its marketing strategy, this company connects intimately with the target audience. It’s no surprise that this is the prime choice for World Bank Group, Grenadines homes, Grand Cereals, and so much more. Street Toolz focuses on building long-lasting connection between brands and their users. Let’s not forget that their services revolves around digital and content marketing strategies.

  1. Anakle

It’s undeniable that this brand is a force to be reckoned with in the Nigerian digital marketing sphere. Anakle has definitely made its mark as one of the leading digital marketing agencies in this country. Although they focus mainly on product development, they also provide the following marketing services; UX Design and technology, digital strategy, digital marketing, social media, media planning and buying, and ORM and Strategic communication. The strength of their services is evident in the list of high profile brands they’ve worked for; Diamond Bank, Airtel, Coca-Cola, Bournvita, United Bank of Africa, and so much more.

  1. Giga Lagos

Here’s another one of the early players in Internet marketing in Nigeria. This digital marketing agency definitely knows it’s salt, as their unique digital brand strategy is very effective in achieving the target goals. They have a diverse portfolio, and this is evident in the services they offer. These services includes Search Engine Optimization, social media marketing, web development, creative advertising, and Digital PR. This agency is definitely a force to be reckoned with. It has produced various digital campaigns for high profile companies like Payporte 1K store, and so much more.

  1. Web Coupers

The digital market in Nigeria is constantly evolving, and it will be great to have hire a digital marketing agency that’s tech savvy, to get the best results. Well, Web Coupers is just the right fit, as they combine state of the art tech with their digital marketing strategy. Their services includes Product Innovation and Development, Digital marketing, ORM and social media analytics. Thru have offered efficient services and strategies to top brands in the country.

  1. Bytesizeng

Established in 2009, this company has made considerable strides in its field. Heck, this award-winning company has served many global brands. They offer a variety of services ranging from social marketing to search marketing, content marketing, programmatic buying, and even strategy and planning. It’s no surprise that they have worked for big brands like Heineken, Goldberg, Pampers and Star Shine On.

  1. Gavaar

Here’s another well known name in the digital marketing industry. They are an award-winning agency with many accolades under their belt. They boast of a team of professionals who are aware of the intricacies involved in digital marketing, and are well-versed in tackling any obstacle. Their services includes but not limited to content marketing, digital marketing, and online marketing.

  1. Digibutterfly

Renowned for their top-notch experience in marketing and branding. This is digital marketing agency that’s solely committed to helping ambitious organizations achieve their aims. They offer a broad range of services covering logo designing, content marketing, and branding. They have provided digital marketing campaigns for My Ads, Lush Flamingo, Heritage Place, and Speed space.

  1. AdHang

This agency is undeniably one of the best digital marketing agencies in Nigeria. It is entirely devoted to providing high quality service to companies that desire efficient and high SEO ranking. In fact, it has created a niche for itself in SEO Marketing. Their services includes SEO Marketing, video marketing, and content marketing. They’ve provided effective digital marketing campaigns for Next Vitamins and First City Monumental Bank.

  1. Penning Solutions

Thought we’d leave out our brand? Although the last on the list, Penning Solutions is not in any way less effective than the rest! We are well-versed in creating effective content marketing, social media marketing, lead generation and several other digital marketing strategies. We have all it takes to give your brand the needed exposure. Our services go beyond creating exceptional and interactive digital strategies to well-versed in creative winning digital campaigns that will help your brand achieve high ROI and exposure. We pride ourselves on being affordable and delivering global quality marketing, all at same time.

The Nigerian digital market is more advanced than ever before. It’s no surprise that many businesses are taking advantage of all that digital has to offer by utilizing the services of digital marketing agencies. Take the step and start your journey to unbelievable business ROIs and exposure. Take advantage of our free consultation to get started.

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