Top 10 Digital Marketing Services Every Business Needs


Digital marketing is the trend for online businesses in the 21st century – it has become so popular that even offline businesses are now employing digital marketing services to help achieve more sales and grow their customer base. Simply put, no one wants to be left behind.

There are numerous digital marketing services that cannot be ignored by any business that wants to succeed by means of digital marketing. In this short article, we highlight the top 10 services in this regard – find below.

  1. Content Marketing

If your business is going to stand out in this era of global trade, then you’d need an extensive content marketing strategy. By content marketing, we mean regular tailored content for the web and social media. Content marketing is the master key to digital marketing. In fact, we often describe content as the authoritarian president of all other internet marketing activities. The whole internet exists for the purpose of sharing information and if your brand isn’t loaded with strategic information, you’d be left behind in this age of crazy profits.

Content marketing establishes your brand as an authority in its niche. It also plays the role of driving traffic to your website and social media pages. There is no marketing today without content marketing. If your brand is still grappling with posting content on its web pages and social media handles, you might be in for a rude shock soon. Check out the world’s top websites and you’d discover that they went beyond just posting content to creating value-added and strategic content that keep their visitors coming back.

  1. Digital Marketing Strategy Development

The world’s top brands spend millions of dollars yearly on creative agencies that develop killer digital marketing strategies to help them trump the competition. If you’ve taken a look at recent top performing digital marketing campaigns, you’d appreciate the creativity and hard work that go into making these campaigns a reality.

However, what matters most is the return on investment these campaigns bring to the brands they showcase. Digital marketing strategy is beyond just developing creative campaigns. Digital marketing strategy is a blend of planned, effective and coordinated online and offline activities that come together to drive brand image and attract customers that bring about high returns on investment.

  1. Email Marketing

Have you ever wondered why companies aggressively send you emails virtually every day? Well, email marketing isn’t just sending emails for email sake. Email marketing is the bait of marketing. Email marketing is the messenger-bird that carries news of your business offerings to your audience.

Top brands spend money and time to develop a large email list, they work hard in constructing impressive newsletters which they expect to convert into sales and traffic for their websites and business. Email marketing is an absolute necessity for every business that wants to make a profit via online sales.

  1. Social Media Marketing

Social media is the rave of the moment and yes, it has taken the world of digital marketing to new heights. Brands can now have a closer relationship with their customers and of course create more leads.

Every business needs to actively engage social media if it seriously intends on reaching some customers who are more captivated by the trend of social media. Facebook advertising and Twitter influencing are constantly helping top brands generate billions of dollars in sales every year. One cannot ignore other platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat,  Google+ etc.

  1. PPC (Pay Per Click) Marketing

PPC marketing is one digital marketing service that should be approached with a lot of tact – this is because of its potential of gulping large chunks of funds with little or no returns to show. Wondering what PPC is all about? In PPC you get to pay search engines every time someone clicks your link on a SERP (search engine result page).

PPC is sure to help you generate plenty of targeted traffic and sales if you have the right marketing strategy to work with – this is something that a professional digital marketing agency like Penning Solutions can confidently offer your business.

  1. Website Design

Your website’s design says a lot about how serious you really are about starting and maintaining a strong online presence for your brand. People or better still prospective customers will take one look at your website and cast an assertion on your business credibility, so it needs to be top notch.

Your website should be one of your digital marketing strong points. The content on every page should be unique, interesting and captivating. Your business message must be made clear via your website – this is a must for every business.

  1. App Development

Another digital marketing service that is vital to the success of any business is the development of a responsive mobile application. Although studies have proven that there are a lesser number of potential customers who convert to sales and traffic via mobile; developing a good mobile application still goes a long way in helping businesses get return customers and more sales.

Top brands are constantly creating mobile applications that run smoothly on IOS, Android, and Windows. These apps help create a platform for instant sales, more engagement, and a wider reach. If your business has a website, why not get an app for it too?

  1. Viral Media Marketing

No one can ignore the power of images and video anymore. Every social media platform you know thrives on the life injected into it by multimedia (images and video).

Developing images and video that can go viral and create massive awareness for businesses and brands is a vital digital marketing strategy that can help your business scale new heights – this viral multimedia can especially be created for you by Penning Solutions – take advantage of this service.

  1. Online PR

Many businesses have lost plenty of return customers due to their ineptness in handling simple issues raised by their customers and in some cases potential customers. The relationship your business has with customers is very important for business growth and customer advertising.

Thriving businesses with an online presence have integrated a responsive ‘contact me’ option, active chat boxes, customer forums, response to comments into their business websites. Response to emails from clients, actively engaging customers on social media are ways of maintaining a thriving relationship with customers – this helps build a business reputation and allay customer fears.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

One desperate need by many businesses who are currently traversing the online sphere is SEO. Most creative digital marketing agencies are working tirelessly to ensure that the business websites of their clients rank high on search engines.

You must seriously consider the search engine reputation of your website if you hope to generate more traffic that could be converted to sales. There are so many ways to optimize your business website for search engines, but if you are too busy to do this, you could hire a digital marketing agency like ours for this purpose.

Penning Solutions is a digital marketing agency that is built around the basis of professionalism and experience. The points raised above are digital marketing services whose importance to the success of any online business cannot be overemphasized. At Penning Solutions, we can competently offer these services to help meet your business needs.

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