2020 Digital Marketing Trends That Would Give Your Business an Unfair Advantage

digital marketing trends

With just one month gone in 2020, the year is still considerably fresh and there’s still plenty time to get on with the digital trends that can help your business soar this year.

In this piece, I’ll discuss some of the digital marketing trends you simply can’t ignore in 2020 for the sake of your business growth.

Before we continue, let’s take a brief look at what digital marketing entails.

Digital marketing involves the use of all available forms digital media in advertising and marketing your business. Usually, the conversion rate, sales, and traffic obtained from digital marketing are usually much higher when compared to other physical forms of marketing.

There are numerous digital marketing trends that rocked the stage in 2019, however, with a new year already in full gear, we take a look at some of the digital marketing trends that would give every business owner who applies them an edge over competitors.

Maximizing social media

Businesses who ignore the power of social media are doing so to their own detriment. Social media alone can account for nearly 50% of a successful digital marketing campaign. A successful ad campaign on Facebook can generate a lot of leads and sales that will leave you surprised.

No one can ignore platforms Twitter and Instagram anymore; not having a Twitter presence for your business is almost like not having a business website. Twitter alone will help rake in billions of dollars in sales for many businesses – how much of this cash will be yours?

Beaming the light on local marketing

Digital marketing gurus have predicted that many businesses will focus more on unlocking local opportunities instead of the wild goose chase of a global reach which remains elusive.

Businesses who beam 80% of their digital marketing searchlights around their locality are more likely to achieve more success than those who aim far, wide and off any identified mark.

Improving engagement through video marketing

Pictures speak volumes in digital marketing but videos have a whole new voice that brings life to images. Videos are more engaging and this is one digital marketing trend that will hold sway in 2020.

Creative video clips targeted at an audience of various niche, either via social media or your business website will help give your business that required a push in 2020.

Improving on content quality

Content has always been king and would remain king in 2020. This is why you must work on putting out top notch content to connect your business to your customers.

This year, as with every other year, quality, unique, creative and innovative content will be the ultimate deciding factor on sales, leads, and traffic. Don’t get left behind; work on your content.

Employing influencers

Employing influencers to help take charge of creating a strong social media presence for your business will go a long way in helping you create a thriving business that is seen by your customers and prospective customers.

Don’t wave away the idea of working with an influencer in 2020, it could be the difference for your business.

Automated sales

Another digital marketing trend that would give businesses an edge in 2020 is the use of various automated sales systems. The time for sweating day and night working on marketing strategies for your business is gradually coming to an end and in 2020 automation will be the watch-word for massive sales and conversion while business owners work on something else.

Your content marketing strategy should be able to attract more organic searches and help capture email addresses of potential customers.

Mobile marketing

Most businesses which actively apply digital marketing are now delving into mobile marketing, due to the simple fact that we can’t ignore the power of mobile devices when we talk digital marketing.

2020 will continue to see more business create attractive marketing strategies targeted at mobile phone users, which would lead to better conversion rates and sales. You can take up this trend to help give your business an added advantage this year.

A few other marketing trends you shouldn’t ignore in 2020 are:

Big Data


Internet of Things (IoT)

Virtual Reality (Pokemon Go taught us a valuable lesson on this in 2016)

On a final note…

Digital marketing will once again help many businesses boom in 2020. However, it is important to follow the right digital marketing trends that would productively add economic value to your business or what do you think? Let us know in the comments section.

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